20 Luxury Fonts in Canva

As a designer, I love exploring fonts and selecting the perfect typeface to elevate my designs in Canva. Yet, when crafting a wealthy or luxurious aesthetic it can sometimes be hard to choose the right font that works well.


To spare you the daunting task of sifting through Canva’s extensive font library, I’ve gathered together several luxury fonts to help give your graphics, documents or logo that designer look and feel.


calgary luxury Canva font example

Fit for royalty, I do think this font has a timeless and rich looking elegance to it. However, it is an all-caps Canva Pro font that doesn’t have a bold option. 


So lets have a look through the other fonts in this list…

Tan Pearl

As luxury fonts go, this one is the trendiest on this list. The free Tan Pearl font is the perfect font option for things like marketing campaigns and stylish product collections.


Also free, RoxboroughCF is a good solid, classy font and adaptable for most wealthy aesthetic design needs. This font benefits from having  a range of seven thickness choices, from thin all the way down to heavy. 

Catchy Mager

I think this free font has a wonderfully country club font vibe to it. Catchy Mager is an elegant choice of serif font without being too dainty.


A fantastic option for a stylish yet modern luxury look, this font is available as regular and bold for Canva Pro users.


I love the dainty elements to this Pro font, plus I think it has a very regal vibe to it. Plus unlike some dainty fonts in Canva, this one also comes in bold or if you need it small, simply add a thin outline to it in Canva’s font effects section.

Snell Roundhand

A Canva Pro font, I think this script has a classic elegance to it, especially due to its similarity to the logo font of the Cartier jewellers brand.

Brown Sugar

I think this font exudes indulgence and decadence that surely befits tea at the Ritz. It has a modern style to it, plus it’s fabulously free in Canva. 

Boston Angel

The free font Boston Angel comes in regular which is slightly heavier than the fonts so far, and it also comes in bolder if you need a stronger look.


The Canva Pro font Woodland is the perfect typeface for an exclusive summer event or exclusive golf resort branding.

Nexa Slab

A wonderfully modern serif, this versatile Pro font comes in thin, regular, and bold. I picked the thin version to showcase above.

Didot LP

This Pro font is the basic font behind the version modified for Vogue magazine. I certainly think it has a certain high-fashion feel to it despite its rather plain-jane name!


I like this free font for the subtle yet wealthy aesthetic it achieves. It’s also the most versatile luxury font on this list with eight thicknesses from thin to black.


Offering a minimalist and futuristic style, this free font is easy to overlook in the fonts list in Canva. I like this for perhaps an uber-modern logo but with that essential touch of elegance and class. 


Have a browse through my list of minimalist fonts in Canva if you’re looking for something similar to Areqo.

Zabatana Poster

This luxurious looking free font has that wonderful look of a retro style travel poster advertising far-off exotic resorts for the rich and famous. 

Times New Roman

Yes, I’m as surprised as you are to think this old classic made the list. However, its close resemblance to the Tiffany & Co logo is the main reason I included it! 


The Hoefler Type Foundry designed The Tiffany & Co font, and so if you want to emulate the timeless Tiffany style, then using all caps Times New Roman is the way to go! 


If you’re looking for some Ralph Lauren styling, the closest font I could find was Abiah, a Canva Pro font.


The devil might wear Prada, but it was certainly a devil to find a font in Canva that has a similar style. But I think that in capitals, Larken (Canva Pro) is as close as you’re going to get in Canva.


If you want the real thing (who doesn’t) then you can download Prada Candy here for free.


One of my favorite luxury fonts, this beautiful and elegant free font is strikingly similar to the font of the Christian Dior logo. I love the detail to this font and is sure to give your designs an elegant “new look!”


This free typeface is the only traditional calligraphy font I’ve included in this list. It has a very classical elegance to it.

Luxurious Looking Social Media Graphics

If you want to give your social media posts a luxurious look, check out Natural Elegance or the richly soft purple styled kit Purple Daze.

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