10 Cursive Fonts in Canva

After some help with choosing the perfect cursive font to elevate your projects?


After delving into Canva’s font collection, I’ve curated a list of cursive options, all in a variety of different styles.


Whether you’re creating a logo, crafting invitations, or in need of social media content inspiration, delve into this carefully curated selection of script fonts to ignite your creativity.

Malibu Ring

Malibu Ring font example

Elegant and timeless, I love this calligraphy-style font that’s available for free in Canva. With its delicate loops and playful curls it’s perfect for feminine branding, elegant product collections, or wedding stationery, this font adds a touch of charm and sweetness to any project.

Eyesome Script

Eyesome Script Canva Font

This cursive script has a more scratchy handwritten feel, lending a sense of authenticity and character to your designs, perfect for adding a rustic charm to invitations, labels, or vintage-inspired branding.

Petit Formal Script

Petit Formal Script example

Transporting you to the romantic streets of Paris, Petit Formal Script captivates with its whimsical flourishes and delicate letterforms. Ideal for wedding stationery, fashion branding, or boutique signage, I think this font evokes a lovely sense of French chic.

Snell Roundhand

Classic Script Font

With its classic yet refined style, Snell Roundhand exudes timeless sophistication and grace. Whether used for more formal-looking designs, luxury branding, or editorial design, this font adds an air of elegance to any project.


I also included this font in my list of luxury Canva fonts if you want more of that kind of style.

Vintage Goods

Vintage Goods Canva Font Example

I think the Vintage Goods font exudes an air of old-world charm with its weathered strokes and quill-style flourishes. Whether crafting signage for a quaint boutique or designing labels for vintage-inspired products, this cursive font adds a wonderfully antique aesthetic.

Cloud Script

Cloud Script Canva Font

Cloud Script floats delicately across the page with its ethereal strokes, evoking a sense of lightness and serenity. Perfect for dreamy or tranquil nature-inspired designs, Cloud Script adds a touch of whimsical elegance to any project.


Yellowtail font example

A bold yet graceful script font, I chose Yellowtail for its bolder strokes. Whether used for headlines, posters, or branding, I think this font adds a touch of personality and flair to any project.


Faithful font example

With its bold brushstroke style, this Canva Pro script font has a lovely rustic natural feel, making it a versatile choice for designs that seek to capture the beauty of organic forms.

Lumios Marker

Lumios Marker

Lumios Marker offers a handwritten style similiar to a work or school setting. Perfect for adding planning, learning, or brainstorming elements to your design. Lumios Marker injects a unique flair into any project, whether used for eye-catching headlines or social media graphics.

Quotes Script

Quotes Script example image

Bold yet refined, Quotes Script commands attention with its dramatic flourishes and expressive letterforms. Whether used for event invitations, eye-catching headings, or vibrant branding, this font exudes personality and charisma.

Cursive Canva fonts chart

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10 Cursive Canva Fonts
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