14 Free Minimalist Canva Fonts

Looking for design inspiration when it comes to selecting the right minimalist style font?  


To save you time searching through all the fonts in Canva, I’ve gone through Canva’s treasure trove of free fonts to unearth a selection of sleek and simple options that embody the minimalist aesthetic.


Plus the best thing is all the fonts on this list are included in Canva’s free plan. 


Whether you’re crafting a logo, designing documents, or seeking typography inspiration, explore this handpicked list of clean fonts to spark your creativity and streamline your design process.



Lekton Canva font example

Now I chose this font for its similarity to an electric typewriter. Lekton was originally designed at a graphic design and visual communication school in Italy, inspired by some of the typefaces used on the Olivetti typewriters. It also has a wonderfully mid-century feel and what’s more minimalist than getting the message across and saving on ink at the same time!

Wire One

Wire One font example

A wonderfully narrow sans serif, this is a good font choice for a simple, clean, and readable font that won’t take up too much space.

Bebas Neue

Bebas Neue example Canva font

The heaviest of the font options on this list, this sans serif font works well for bold titles and headings. 

Cormorant SC

minimalist serif typeface example

The first of two serif fonts included in this list, Cormorant is a great option for a more classic minimalist look and feel.

St Marie Thin

St Marie Thin font example

The next serif font in this list is St Marie Thin, a great option if you’re looking for a slightly more stylish serif font.


Megrim font example

I love the simple futuristic look of this free Canva font. I think this would look good as part of a minimalist logo design.

Th Sarabun New

Th Sarabun New minimalist body font example

A versatile body text font, “Sarabun” means documentary affairs. Used in the Government Gazette of Thailand newspaper, it’s a wonderfully clean and basic font option for smaller print. 


Gruppo font example

I included this font for times when you need a wider typeface. I love the rounded ends and tapering, giving it its modern simplistic look.


Offering a minimalist and futuristic style, this free font is easy to overlook in the fonts list in Canva. I also included this font in my luxury fonts list due to its modern elegant style. 


example of a simplistic hand written font

IreneFlorentina is perfect for when you want a simple handwritten style font that’s not too childlike. If you want the letters closer together, you can easily reduce the letter spacing in Canva.


Poppins font example

This minimalist font list would not be complete without Poppins. It’s a great body font, modern, and highly versatile as it’s available in nine thicknesses from thin, all the way to extra bold and black. 


Quicksand font example

If you’re looking for a body text with more style than Poppins, then consider Quicksand, a sans serif with rounded terminals. A versatile minimalist font, it remains legible even when used in small sizes. In Canva it’s available in five different font weights, from light through to bold.


This subtly curvy typeface was designed in Uruguay for the output of inkjet printers. So another ink-saving typeface, this narrow minimal font is available in Canva in regular and bold. 


What’s more minimal than dots?! I’ve included this dotty all-capitals font as a slightly more creative design option.

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