Optimal Pinterest Pin Dimensions Infographic

Want your pins to help get your more sales and traffic?


Don’t waste your time sharing images that won’t get noticed or shown much in the feed!


Get Pinterest to work for you – by only sharing pins optimized to get seen!


Start by making sure all your standard pins have the right Pinterest pin dimensions…

What is the Correct Pin Size?

The optimal standard Pinterest pin size recommended by Pinterest is 1000×1500 pixels


Even if you prefer slightly longer pin graphics the fact is that Pinterest recommends using a 2:3 ratio for all your pins, including video pins.


I created the infographic below as a guide to show the correct Pinterest pin dimensions and the types of images to avoid.

pinterest pins size chart

Pinterest Video and Idea Pin Dimensions

Pinterest idea pins: 1080×1920 pixels (9:16)

Pinterest video pins: 1000×1500 (2:3) or 1080×1920 pixels (9:16)

Pinterest Profile and Banner Image Dimensions

Pinterest profile size: 1080×1080 pixels (1:1)

Pinterest cover banner image size: 800×450 pixels

Image Sizes to Avoid on Pinterest

It’s important to know what issues sharing the wrong sized images can cause.


However, if you’re after pin design inspiration, you can have a look through my post showcasing various Pinterest pin examples.


Below I’ve listed the three types of images you should try not to share on Pinterest:

1. Images less than 1000 pixels wide

Pinterest displays pins in the feed at 236 pixels wide so you can get away with less but when someone clicks on your pin and expands it, it’s shown at a max of 564 pixels (on desktops and tablets).


So images on the small side could look pixelated, putting some people off clicking through to your site. 

2. Square and landscape images

If you want your pins to get noticed try not to share square or in a landscape ratio. The Pinterest feed is a busy place visually and the shorter your images the less likely they are to get noticed.

3. Images longer than 2100 pixels

I remember when super-long pins did really well on Pinterest. But nowadays Pinterest doesn’t want feeds full of really long images.


When visits from mobile devices started to overtake visits from desktops, I suspect that Pinterest needed a way to make the user experience much better on phones. This means people don’t have to scroll and scroll to see another pin!


Now images longer than 2100 pixels get truncated. This means the top and bottom of the design will get cut off when shown in the feed so Pinterest can show it as a shorter pin.

Saving Images to Pinterest

You can of course save any size image to Pinterest that you wish. On my personal Pinterest account, I save landscape images or too small images on occasion and I don’t mind because I’m just saving an idea or something for my own use. 


However, for my business account, I of course want all the pins I save to be found!

Pinterest Marketing

If you are looking for Pinterest marketing strategies for your business, then check out my blog post where I reveal the strategies on Pinterest I’m currently using to get traffic and grow my audience on the platform.

Optimal Size Pinterest Templates

Make Pinterest pin creation even easier with our Pinterest Canva templates that come ready-made in the correct size. Create engaging Pinterest graphics for your content quickly and stand out on the competitive Pinterest feed!

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