Discover 5 Other Types Of Influencers To Help Promote Your Small Business

Did you try collaborating with an Instagram influencer and it didn’t work out how you thought?


Or are you finding it hard to find new influencers in your niche?


Do your potential customers even spend any time on Instagram?


This post aims to give you several ideas where to find people that will get truly excited about your product and services.


So, where can you find influencers that will really fall in love with your brand, buy from you and become raving fans?!


In order to help you, I had a bit of a look-see and come up with five different types of influencers that you can work with to help promote your brand.


1. Public Forum Users

Yes, there are many, many different interest groups and niches with their own chat forums. These forums can be self-hosted websites or subreddits on Reddit.


For example, I know of some still popular self-hosted website forums for; pet owners, artists, travellers, birdwatchers, software developers and fishing enthusiasts!


This type of influencer can be ideal, even if they ‘don’t do’ any other form of social media, as they are often well known within their own online community, which can even be international. To do this successfully you’ll need to find forums related to your product or service, sign up and connect and collaborate with the people that show the most interest.


2. Facebook Group Admins

Not always an influencer as an individual but the gatekeeper to getting your post seen in the group. By contacting admins of a group first, and coming to an agreement with them about promoting your content, you’ll reach so much more people in Facebook groups and you can happily mark your posts ‘admin approved.’

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3. YouTubers

Popular vloggers usually have highly engaged and loyal subscribers that look forward to their next video. They are often perceived as industry experts and trusted sources of information. This type of collaboration you can still do even if your business doesn’t have a prescence on YouTube.


Product based businesses are the most successful here, especially with unboxing videos and ones where products are tried out and reviewed on screen.


4. Podcasters

Similar to vloggers podcasters usually have an audience of avid listeners, the key here is it’s all about the conversation. So you’ll want to have a more informal chat with the host, you could talk about the problems that your products and services solve. You’ll want to avoid it sounding like a really long sales pitch!


5. Other Businesses & Brands

Another particularly successful approach is to get in touch with other small business owners and brands that serve the same audience but that is not a direct competitor. For example, a startup company that makes organic dog food could collaborate with a handmade dog collar maker and essentially share each others audiences.


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Helen Garfield
Helen Garfield

Helen Garfield is the founder of The Creatives Desk. She has worked in social media and digital marketing since 2010. Helen channels her passion for design and creativity to develop marketing templates and digital products that help small business owners create compelling content to drive growth in their online presence.