Isa Herrero Explains How Her Agile Home Method Helps Busy Working Moms

As part of my series of interviews with small business owners, here is my interview with the fabulous Isa Herrero from Organized Tech Mom.


Isa works with busy working moms to help empower them to take control of their lives.


In this interview, she shares her journey as a new mother and how the burnout she experienced while juggling work responsibilities, ultimately inspired her to develop the Agile method – a transformative approach that empowers other busy moms.

Q: Could you introduce yourself and tell us about your business?

A: Hey! I’m Isa. A mom of 2 under 5 and full time employee. I work for big corporations helping them get things done, in a fast and efficient way.


Combining both things together, I help moms accomplish work-life balance in a way that is unique for each of them and give them the tools and techniques they need to feel fulfilled with their life and not have to give up on any of their priorities.

Q: What led you to start your business?

A: Back in 2017, when I got pregnant with my first child, I thought going back would be easy…

Daycare was already set up and I did not expect any major changes other than switching going out to parties for taking care of the baby.


Oh god, I had no idea…

The first weeks after maternity leave were nice. I finally got to have some adult conversation after spending 4 months home with my newborn, but after the initial excitement, things started to become a bit harder.


Slowly, without even realising, the lack of sleep, shift on my priorities, new responsibilities, all started crippling.
After around 1 month, I was completely burned out.

I needed to change something, but my zombie brain was totally unable to figure out any other solution than staying home and focusing on the baby.


But for me, that was not an option. I love my work and if you are here, probably you do too. I did not want to spend 24/7 as a mom, I wanted to keep doing what I liked and what I was good at, helping others be more efficient.

Then I just started playing around with different methods I saw online, but nothing really worked, they were too strict, required nannies and lots of support from others…so I just focused on what I already knew and started adapting my corporate job to home life.


That is how my agile home method was born, and I started sharing with other colleagues who kept asking how I was able to do it all.


It proved to work, so I knew I had to put it out there to make sure no mom needs to quit their job or reduce the time with their kids to just weekends. We all deserve to have it all and be confident and proud about it.

Q: How have you navigated any setbacks or obstacles in your business, and what did you learn from those experiences?

A:The main obstacle or “rejection” I usually see in my business, is people think that a method that works for a big corporation will be extremely complex, require a lot of people around and not suit their home needs.


That is not true at all, as I have done all the modifications needed and the core principles are super easy to learn and are valid to organise and manage nearly everything, big or small.


I had to learn how to sell my work and make people see the value in it, coming from IT environments, selling to a CEO is very different as they focus just on money, but our clients need to see the transformation they will get, this is an investment for them, but not in terms of money, but feelings – peace, control, calmness, joy – that cannot be sell with a ROI chart only.

Q: How has social media & marketing played a role in your business so far?

A: I am still growing online, my clients till now are coming from mouth to mouth referral, but I really want to expand and make this method available to as many moms as possible and make sure no one needs to get to that burn-out – I want to quit my life state of mind just because we are not shown how to handle work life as moms.

Q: Can you share any specific strategies that have been particularly effective for your business?

A: Mindset has been the key for me.


Realising how much value I can provide and owning my worth, making sure I take actions with a real intention behind and not just follow each step in a business plan just because that is what is supposed to be done, is what helps me believe in what I do and that ends up showing up for my clients.

Q: What plans do you have for the future of your business?

A: My next steps for my business include expanding my coaching to an online option, plus putting together a course and mastermind to make sure I can also help those moms that cannot pay the high ticket price of private coaching.

I want to reach as many people that need this as possible.

Q: What advice do you have for other small business owners who are just starting out?

A: Believe in yourself, take imperfect action and don’t overthink. Just make sure you get started and everything else will follow.

You can follow Isa on Instagram @the_agile_home 

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