Increase Reach on Instagram: 5 Proven Strategies for 2023

Last updated: June 2023


Want grow an audience and increase your reach on Instagram in 2023 and beyond?


In this post, I’m sharing with you 5 future-proof tips to help you increase your reach on Instagram without having to spend hours working on it!


Each of these tips are really super quick to do right now and will get you results the very next time you post! These are some of the strategies I use to grow organically and authentically on my Instagram account.

Check Insights

The first thing to do is to check your insights! 


Go through them with a fine-tooth comb. What are your top three performing posts? How were they found? What was the image or video of?


Whatever the winners were, try and post more just like them!


You could quickly repurpose the top five into different type of posts such as a carousel or Reels and them share again.


Hashtags are still relevant, especially for newer or small accounts, and using the right ones in your posts  will help increase reach on Instagram.


If you think you’ve done hashtag research already, think again! Things are always changing. You need to regularly conduct hashtag research as some hashtags become too large, some become just right and some trendy ones are now ‘so last year’.


So you can see it pays to keep on top of the right ones to use.


Tip: keep them saved in topic collections on a spreadsheet, Google document or scheduler like Planoly, Later etc.

Branded Hashtags

Here’s a lesser-known tip that people aren’t doing – post all your content with a branded hashtag and regularly encourage your fans to follow your hashtag.


If you don’t have a branded hashtag, create one! It could be your business name, nickname or something very closely related to your brand or offerings. For example, mine is simply #thecreativesdesk


The idea being is that the more people that follow your hashtag the better, as it’s another opportunity for you to be seen via the feed.


Remember to add to your Reel descriptions too!

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SEO Optimised Posts

Get ready for next year and beyond by SEO optimising your posts.


This includes:

  • Keywords: The words and phrases you use in your posts must be related to what you sell, your niche or what you are all about – so stay on topic!
  • Hashtags: Always try and keep the majority of hashtags you use relevant.
  • Geo tags: Using these is another opportunity to get found by people in your location.
  • Brand tags: Ensure you tag in other accounts such as suitable feature accounts, collaborators, your brand reps, and so on.

The main point here is to be more descriptive in your captions. However, you don’t need to spend time trying to find good keywords or anything like that, just try and be more descriptive in your captions. This tip is mostly for those that tend to post with barely a sentence for the caption!


Ok, so I don’t need to tell you that short-form videos will boost your reach on Insta.


So here is a super quick video post hack… 


This tip is great for if you’re having a bad hair day, you’re out and about, away from your desk, or you simply don’t want to record a face-to-camera video.


Why? Because video rules ok!


Ok here’s how:


 1. Find video clips that are free for commercial use. So search on or


2. Choose a clip that relates to your brand in some way. For example, pet businesses could use a cat or dog clip. Eco-friendly brands could use a clip of forest trees, leaves in the breeze or a waterfall – you get the idea.


3. Upload to Reels and add some text and a short caption. This could be 3 things you did this week, an inspiring or entertaining quote, your brand ethos, a new product teaser (coming soon…!) or just asking your audience to subscribe to your newsletter.


4. Post it with some suitable music and there you have it, another quick and easy way of boosting your reach on Instagram.

Ok so now you have some ideas on what to post next that’ll boost your reach on Instagram. I hope you’ve found these quick-to-do tips helpful. 


If you’re looking for help with your social media content, take a look around our social media templates to help give your IG feed a glow-up and help speed up creating your content.

5 Quick Reach Boosting Instagram Tips
Helen Garfield
Helen Garfield

Helen Garfield is the founder of The Creatives Desk. She has worked in social media and digital marketing since 2010. Helen channels her passion for design and creativity to develop marketing templates and digital products that help small business owners create compelling content to drive growth in their online presence.