Marketing, Website Design &
Social Media Support

For your Small Business

Get your time back!

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Marketing, Website Design &
Social Media Support

For your Small Business

Get your time back!

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Helen Garfield Marketing VA Services

Hello. I'm Helen, a specialist digital marketing virtual assistant.

I'm passionate about helping busy small business owners with their marketing, website and admin tasks, giving them back their free time.


Affordable Creative Business Solutions

Are you someone who has lots of ideas, but then struggles when it comes to implementing them?
Are you looking for an experienced professional take the reins and help grow your business online?

Get in touch for a personalised a plan to meet your goals.

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What do you need help with?

DIGITAL marketing

Need help with attracting, engaging, and delighting your customers online? Together we can co-create campaigns that convert!

SOCIAL media

Get engaging, creative and captivating posts made for you that will get your audience engaged and keep you top of mind!

Email & Newsletters

Need help with newsletters? Get sign-up forms, welcome series and regular newsletters all set-up, designed and managed for you.

Graphic Design

Need new branding or a logo? Design expertise on hand to make everything in your business pretty and wow your customers!

Website & SEO Services

Need help with your website? Here you can benefit from SEO help, a website re-design and regular website maintenance.

Business Admin

Want time away from boring and repetitive tasks? Ask and you shall receive! Get your inbox, data entry, calendar etc all managed for you.



"Helen knows her stuff and delivers high-quality work. However, she is not only an expert in her field, but she is also a lovely person, who will deliver more than you asked for. I recommend her whole-heartedly."
Jean Smith - Social Anthologist, Speaker & Coach

"I am really happy I decided to work with Helen! She was very thorough in her analysis and got me all the answers I needed in regards to my website. I highly recommend her!"
Emma Corpade - Welcome to London

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