Email Welcome Series Ideas for Product-Based Businesses

Email Welcome Series Ideas for Product-Based Businesses

Email marketing should be an important part of making sales (especially repeat sales) in your business. Sending regular emails keeps you in front of your ideal and interested audience.


Each person on your list chose to sign up so don’t just leave them on your list until your next newsletter – they’ll have forgotten all about you by then!


E-commerce Email Best Practices

Email welcome series are designed to introduce the different aspects of your brand to your new subscribers so they start to know and recognise your business.


So before you get started, keep the following in mind…


Welcome email top tips for product businesses:


  • Keep emails focused
  • Choose the best order
  • Think about the frequency and time span
  • Remember to include a call to action (CTA)


To keep your emails focused, don’t make them too long and try and avoid having more than one type of CTA in each email. 


Asking your subscribers to learn something, shop now AND follow you on social media – will most likely result in people not knowing where to click! So then they’ll probably not click on anything at all.


It’s also important to send your emails in the best order possible. More people will see the first email than the last, as you will get some drop-off. So that’s why you need to ensure the most important info gets included first. However, with that in mind, you don’t want to be all sell sell sell either. 


Example Email Welcome Series

Here is an example for a 4-5 email welcome sequence. You could have a couple more or less emails, if it suits your business better.

1. Welcome + sign-up reward
2. Social media follow invite
3. Product benefit focus
4. Customer reviews
5. Optional: Your discount expires now

Let’s look at them in more detail…



1. Welcome + sign-up reward

If you offered a percentage discount code or pdf guide/resource download then here’s the email you’ll need to include that. Even if it could be accessed from the thank you page, you’ll need to include it again via email as people might have clicked away before getting it.


It’s always a good idea to give your subscriber a huge ‘Welcome!’ and have a short paragraph on your brand values or startup story.


You should also include a sentence or two here to say how pleased you are that they’ve signed up.
Another thing to do is to explain that you’d like to introduce them to your business and to expect 3-4 more emails over the next few days (or however long your sequence will take) that way they’ll be expecting them.


You can also let them know how many emails you normally send your list. So if it’s X amount a week or month, let them know.


CTA: ‘Shop with discount’ – or ‘Download your freebie!’

2. Social media follow invite


You don’t have to send this as the second email in the sequence, but you may find you get more followers from this email when they’ve just received a freebie from you (and if you hint there’s more treats or surprises to come) as by also following you on social media they won’t miss out!


CTA: Follow us!

3. Product benefit focus


Here is where you could focus not so much on a product type or its features, but on the main benefit of your most popular products. For example, if you sell items people can give as gifts then you could focus on how excited friends and family will be if given your items. 


Or if you sell natural soap you could talk about how it can help clear up bad skin allowing your customers to look better and feel more confident!


It’s also a good idea here to link to a blog post or page that’s all about this benefit! If you don’t have a suitable page, then you could link to a relevant category page. 


It’s with noting that with this email, you may get one or two unsubscribes  – and that’s ok. Why, because it means that person realised that your product isn’t for them – meaning they weren’t gonna buy from you anyway. So don’t feel discouraged if you do see that happen at this point.


CTA: Learn more

4. Customer reviews and social proof


If your subscribers were on the fence with the last email, this one will make them leap off and straight into the shopping cart!


You could choose either your bestseller or your top 3 products and include your customer’s reviews with each one. Remember to include a shop now button under each product!


CTA: ‘Shop now’ for each product page

5. Your discount expires now (optional)


This last one is to try and get the rest of those fence-sitting subscribers to buy right now (before they forget, again) as most people don’t like to miss out on a bargain!


CTA: Don’t miss out – shop now!

How long between each email?

This is up to you but in general, I recommend every 2 or 3 days between each email, just remember to let them know what to expect. But depending on what you sell you may want to have longer in between, see below.


Can you make the sequence longer – or shorter?

Yes, indeed you can of course change the length and the order of the emails in the sequence – after all, you know your audience the best.


If you sell handcrafted luxury wooden bed frames, due to the high price point, for most people they might need a bit of time to consider the purchase. Meaning you may want to have a longer sequence. For example, after a few emails – a weekly email for 6 weeks would work well to gently remind your subscribers about your awesome product.


However, if you sell cute hair accessories for example then you may rely more on impulse purchasers and so might want to make your welcome sequence much shorter.

Get Help Building An Awesome Email Sequence

If you’re looking for help with creating and setting up email sequences for your online shop, then you’re in the right place!


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Email Welcome Sequence Ideas for Product-Based Businesses