Premium Custom Canva Template Design Service

The visuals you need to attract dream clients into your universe.

“OMG, these are amazing. Perfect. I didn't expect them so quickly! I am so freaking happy, thank you SO MUCH.”

"Helen is wonderful to work with! She helped me complete a project that I've been thinking about for some time - she brought to life my vision with beautiful graphic design work and was patient with changes and brainstorming as the project evolved. I appreciate her input, ideas and feedback. I felt like she was invested in my projects as part of my team. I will certainly hire Helen again for future projects. "

Get professional graphics that capture the essence of your brand and showcases the true value of your offers.

Because messing around or winging it with DIY designs isn’t always gonna give you the results you deserve…


…Not when you’re busy with customers and clients to serve and a growing business that needs you at the helm.

Your marketing visuals need to do the work they’re meant to – attracting the right people to your business – so you can concentrate on the tasks that only you can get done.

Apply for Custom Canva Template Design VIP Day

The VIP custom Canva template design package is priced at $160 the service will be tailored to fit your exact business and branding requirements. 


To get started, tell me a bit about your business and what graphics you’d like designed:

This is a significant STEP UP from DIYing your own templates or using the basic Canva templates available, giving you a unique, professional look that will stand out in the crowd…


…all done for you and done in a day!


What types of templates can I request?

Designs can include (but are not limited to) templates for: square social media posts, Instagram/Facebook stories, IG carousels, Pinterest pins, short videos/Reels, Facebook ads, social media profile covers, Etsy/website banners and more!


How many unique templates will I get?

It depends on the type of template, but if social media posts for example you will more likely end up with a variety of over 50 unique designs.


How many design revisions are included?

Up to 2 design revisions are included to ensure you are absolutely happy with your set of new visuals.

"Helen at the Creatives Desk was a pleasure to work with, she was professional and delivered in a timely manner. She went above and beyond in creating templates for me and exceeded my expectations. I would definitely work with her again!"

"Helen is a talented content creator. She designed a custom set of IG posts for my business. I am beyond happy for the result. Super fast delivery. Thank you Helen!"