How To Get Help With Online Marketing As A Small Business Owner

outsourcing marketing tasks

As a busy small business owner, do you struggle to research and with carrying out some of the new marketing strategies that come along?


Do you watch as other businesses try out these marketing ideas and go from strength to strength and grow more successful by the day?


Well, I’m guessing it’s not some flashy or gimmicky new marketing method you need.


It might not be a larger marketing budget either.


It’s time.


Yep, simple as that.


As a small business owner or solopreneur, you’ve had to work at lots of different tasks within your business. Stuff like creating graphics, social media posting, customer service, paperwork, website updates, the list goes on!


You need all that time, one way or another.


The first way is to spend countless hours learning and keeping up-to-date on everything yourself, which you can of course, but growing your business will take longer.


Another more efficient method, however, is to outsource.



What You Can Gain by Outsourcing?


Let’s have a look at an example.


Ok, so Linda is a talented cake maker – her cakes are amazing and her business is starting to do well locally. However, she wants to start selling through her website, taking bookings and payments online.


She also wants to write an extraordinary cake recipe book.


Linda charges £300 for a large custom cake.


Let’s say it takes her three hours in total to make one.


Now it also takes her three hours on her laptop to create a couple of social posts and one story for Instagram. She knows her efforts are ok, but she’s not achieving her business goals online and she has no time to write her book.


So why not outsource?


Outsourcing will allow her to be more productive, make more cakes and gives her more time to work on stuff that she wants to… and will actually help grow her business.


Those three hours she spent making social posts, that I mentioned before… when you outsource to an expert they will get things done so much more quickly than you. No offence 😉


Below is a very simplified example.


Non-outsourced business model:

Linda makes one cake + £300
Linda creates some social media posts £0
Total income for day = £300


Outsourcing business model:

Linda outsources one hour for social – £25
Linda makes two cakes + £600
Total income for day = £575


As you can see by working on everything herself she is actually losing money.


You can also see that in order to get three posts and one story Linda only needed to outsource for one hour in order to get it done for her.


Outsourcing allows you time to focus on the actual income-generating activities within your business.


If you are at the stage in your business that you need to outsource in order to grow, read my post about outsourcing your to-do-list to learn more.


So now you understand why outsourcing your business marketing tasks to an experienced expert, can increase your productivity, help increase your income and give you more free time to spend however you like.


If you’ve found this useful, I’d love for you to get in touch and ultimately help you with your online marketing more effectively. 

Online Marketing Help for Small Business Owners
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