How To Outsource Your To-Do List As An E-commerce Business Owner

how to outsource business tasks

Feeling stuck in your business, overwhelmed with stuff that needs doing and perhaps a little unsure what you should do next?


Do you ever feel as if you’re neglecting your family, kids or spouse because your business keeps you busy all day, every day?


Keep reading to find out how outsourcing can get you unstuck and give you lots of free time again.


So if you wish you could go on a long weekend break or (gasp!) a full week away without worrying your business will fall apart and all your customers disappear, then outsourcing is the answer.


Find out how outsourcing some of your to-do-list comes in and saves the day!


What Can You Outsource?

You can outsource so many of the tasks necessary to running a successful business. These can include; creating social media posts, competitor research, blog content ideas generation, email newsletters, preparing reports as well as things like online customer service, diary management, inbox management and personal tasks. It’s a never-ending list!


For e-commerce businesses, often the most effective tasks to outsource is social media. 


Social media takes up a lot of time, such as research, strategy planning, caption writing and of course the creation and scheduling of posts. However, with the right strategy, it’s always time well spent in your business.

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Social media managers can help boost your productivity, manage those time-sucking tasks, create content for you – the list goes on.


Get Clear On Exactly What Tasks to Outsource

Save your time and sanity and make a plan for your outsourcing needs. Ask yourself questions like the ones below and start to outline the areas you need help with the most.


  • What has been on your to-do list for over two weeks?
  • What task seems to take you absolutely ages?
  • Do you start some research, get distracted and end up with nothing?!
  • Are you fed up with the time it takes to consistently post on social media?
  • What tasks are you just no good at – or absolutely dread doing?


Hiring a Specialist Social Media Manager

So now you have a list of tasks, you can start your search for an experienced professional with proven successes.


Hiring someone, especially if you’re not used to it can be a daunting task.


Your business is like your baby! You wouldn’t want to hand the reins over to just anyone! It’s understandable you need someone trustworthy to help you, so you feel confident in their abilities.


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If you’ve found this useful, I’d love to get in touch and help you with your digital marketing more effectively.